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Unit 1 Calling Post


A calling post is the phone call you receive from the company when a last minute change is made to the production schedule such as a shift cancellation, for example.  It tells you what the change is and what employee groups are affected. 
The message will come from a Caller ID number you can call back to hear the message repeated.  815.547.2115
A memo with the details will be posted on the UAW 1268 website and the HR Dashboard.
Wed Jan 23 @05:00 -
Unit 15 Piston Shift Meeting
Sun Jan 27 @01:00 -
Membership Meeting
Sun Jan 27 @12:15 -
CAP Committee Meeting
Sun Jan 27 @12:15 -
Union Label Committee Meeting
Mon Jan 28 @05:00 -
Unit 14 syncreon II Shift Meeting
Mon Jan 28 @05:30 -
Unit 12 Boone County Clerks Shift Meeting
Wed Jan 30 @05:00 -
Womens Committee Meeting
Wed Jan 30 @05:00 -
Unit 4 Android Shift Meeting
Wed Jan 30 @05:00 -
Sportsmen's Committee Meeting
Thu Jan 31 @12:00 -
Retiree Chapter Meeting