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Since 1935, the UAW has been a leader in the fight for progressive policies and programs
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Unit 1 Benefits

The deductions for the optional life insurance are now a weekly deduction from your pay check. If you did not receive pay for a week then the deduction will be made up in the next pay check i.e. if the same deduction amount is shown twice on your pay stub this means, there was an adjustment made. If you enroll in the Optional Life insurance you may be subject to “Evidence of Insurability” meaning you will have to fill out a “Statement of Health”. You can access this form through your dashboard account by logging on the Benefit Connect website. Make sure you fill out the form completely.

Sat Sep 22 @09:00 -
Rummage Sale
Sun Sep 23 @11:30 -
Ride benefiting the Belvidere Food Pantry
Mon Sep 24 @05:00 -
Unit 14 syncreon II Shift Meeting
Mon Sep 24 @05:30 -
Unit 12 Boone County Clerks Shift Meeting
Tue Sep 25
Unit 5 syncreon Shift Meeting
Wed Sep 26 @05:00 -
Unit 4 Android Shift Meeting
Wed Sep 26 @05:00 -
Sportsmen's Committee Meeting
Thu Sep 27 @12:00 -
Retiree Chapter Meeting